8 Uses of aloe vera gel for your skin and face

8 Uses of aloe vera gel for your skin and face

Aloe vera gel for skin care is a popular choice for most people. However, choosing the best aloe vera gel from the varied options available might be a tough task. Here are some uses of aloe vera gel and some tips on how to choose it based on your skin type.

Aloe vera is a popular household plant be it in pots or rooted to the ground. Though there are several uses to it, not many know about the humble, yet amazing plant. Aloe vera gel is popularly used for several skin and hair treatments. But are we using it right?

The skin of the aloe plant usually has a substance called aloin, which may be slightly irritant. Therefore, getting a clear aloe vera gel requires thorough cleaning before application to the skin. After cutting the plant leaf, cut and clean it until the yellow liquid is completely removed. The gel can be scrapped using a spoon or a knife. Wash it again to remove any yellow liquid.

Benefits of using aloe vera gel for face and skin

Aloe vera gel consists of potentially active constituents that include vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids and amino acids.

Vitamins in aloe vera gel include Vitamin A, C and E which are antioxidants. Antioxidants help in neutralising the free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for premature ageing of skin.

Aloe vera gel is a powerhouse of hydration and healing. With the upcoming summer, we highly recommend you use aloe vera gel for your skin to protect it from sunburns and acne. The benefits especially for skincare are as follows:

  1. Soothes sunburn

Clear aloe vera gel is well known for its cooling properties and helps in soothing sunburns. Especially with the scorching heat this summer, applying aloe vera gel should be a part of your skincare routine. Interestingly, it also helps in mild cases of frostbite. If you have a cold sore, apply some aloe vera gel and see the sores disappear!

  1. Natural moisturizer

Unlike synthetic chemical moisturizers, aloe vera gel is natural, skin-friendly and is the best moisturizer for dry skin. Also, it is non-greasy, light and will not clog pores. Aloe vera gel is the best organic moisturizer that helps in maintaining clear and healthy skin.

  1. Anti-aging – aloe vera gel for face

Aloe vera gel can do miracles to your skin. It is a natural source of Vitamins A, C and E, which help in improving elasticity. The improved skin elasticity, minimizes pores and helps in fading fine lines and removes wrinkles.

  1. Reduces acne and lightens blemishes

Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, regular use of aloe vera gel helps in controlling acne, lightens blemishes and reduces dark spots. It also helps in reducing stretch marks. However, regular usage is recommended for better results.

  1. Helps in wound healing

This is a lesser-known fact about aloe vera gel. The antibacterial properties in the aloe vera gel help in reducing microbial activities on the wound. It also helps in collagen production thus quickening the healing of wounds. Since it helps in collagen production, you can also use it on your nails, especially after a manicure.

  1. Boosts skin hydration

With the summer heat increasing every day, it is important to maintain hydration internally and externally. Aloe vera gel is an excellent source for the external hydration of skin. Almost 96% of the aloe vera gel is made up of water.

  1. Aloe vera gel for face massage

If you had a long day or had a face waxing treatment, try using aloe vera as a massage gel. It helps in cooling the skin. Certain skin treatments like waxing, may cause blemishes or skin dryness. Aloe vera gel acts the best moisturizing gel in such instances.

  1. Prevents skin damage

The anti-inflammatory properties of the aloe vera gel help in protecting the skin from damage by UV rays. It helps in controlling and curing various skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, etc. However, before applying to any damaged skin areas, do a patch test and confirm that you are not allergic to it.

Though this elixir for skin has numerous benefits, most of us cannot get access to the plant. If we do, we might not know the methods of cleaning and using it to get all its goodness. Sourcing the best aloe vera gel that’s ayurvedic, natural and suitable to our skin might be a hard search. But Herbodaya Aloevera Gel is there for your rescue! We offer three different variants of aloe vera gels that meet all your skin needs. They are made with natural ingredients to ensure purity, to the fullest!

Best aloe vera gel at affordable prices only at Herbodaya

Herbodaya Aloe Vera Gel – Multi Vitamin for Moisturizing

Herbodaya’s aloe vera moisturizing gel is rich in anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps in soothing, protecting and hydrating the skin. 


  • Treats sunburns
  • Gives even skin tone
  • Heals scars
  • Effective anti-oxidant

 Herbodaya Aloe Vera Gel – Sandal for Anti-Aging

Herbodaya’s anti-aging aloe vera and sandal gel is your go-to partner for improving skin elasticity. With the pleasant fragrance of sandal, this gel helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Increases collagen
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Slows aging of the skin

 Herbodaya Aloe Vera Gel – Neem for Anti Acne

Herbodaya’s aloe vera gel – Neem is rich in anti-bacterial properties. The medicinal and anti-microbial properties of neem help in healing wounds, reduce dark spots and lighten scars. 


  • Reduces pimples
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Treats scars

How to choose Aloe vera gel based on your skin type

If you have a normal skin type and are looking for a moisturising gel,  then Herbodaya Aloe Vera Gel – Multi Vitamin for Moisturizing is a wise choice. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal and helps in retaining the moisture in your skin. 

If you are looking for a solution to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, then we highly recommend  Herbodaya Aloe Vera Gel – Sandal for Anti-Aging. Continuous usage of this aloe vera gel helps in increasing collagen and reduce the marks caused by ageing.

For dry or skin affected by blemishes or dark spots,  Herbodaya Aloe Vera Gel – Neem for Anti Acne is the go-to option. The neem and aloe vera in the gel helps in healing the skin and making it healthy and soft.

How to use aloe vera gel for a healthy skin?

Wash your skin thoroughly and pat dry. It is ideal to use aloe vera gel twice a day for better results.

Include it in your morning skin routine: Immediately after cleaning your skin, take a coin-sized amount of aloe vera gel on your fingertip. Spread it gently on the face and other parts of your body especially the parts which may get exposed to the sunlight. It acts as a natural base for your makeup too. So go ahead, sparkle up your makeup or if you don’t prefer any makeup, the aloe vera gel takes care of your skin.

Include it in your night routine: After removing your makeup for the night, wash your face and apply aloe vera gel as a moisturizer to your skin before sleeping. This helps in soothing the skin and reduces acne.

The conclusion:

Aloe vera gel is used for ages in skincare routines. However, the unavailability and the difficulty of using the aloe vera gel in the right way is time-consuming. With the availability of natural and ayurvedic-backed products like Herbodaya, it is easier to avail the goodness of aloe vera at an affordable price.

So, when are you saying ‘Alo’ to aloe vera gel?

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I use aloe vera gel every day?

Yes. Aloe vera gel gives a natural soothing and calming effect to the skin. It can be applied on a daily basis to replenish and moisturize your skin

  1. How do I know if the aloe vera gel is safe for my skin?

Before using any cosmetics on your skin, it is recommended to do a patch test. Apply the aloe vera gel as a small patch on your wrist. If you feel any irritation, itching or discomfort, do not use the product.

  1. Can aloe vera gel cause any side effects to my skin?

Usually, aloe vera gel does not cause any discomfort to the skin. However, it is recommended to be used in moderation. If you feel any itchy or irritating sensation on your skin, discontinue using and consult a dermatologist.

  1. Can men use aloe vera gel?

Of course, yes! Irrespective of the gender, it is recommended to use aloe vera gel. It helps in maintaining the skin texture and moisturizes the skin. Hydration, especially during the summer months is unavoidable.

  1. Will aloe vera gel help in removing acne?

Yes. But you have to be regular in it. Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing the skin.

  1. Will aloe vera gel help in lightening my skin?

Yes. Enriched with vitamins like A, C and E, aloe vera gel helps in removing dark spots and lightens the skin.

  1. How do I choose the right aloe vera gel?

It is important to choose aloe vera gel that is natural and does not contain any ingredients that are harmful to the skin. Herbodaya’s products are backed by Ayurveda and hence it is safe to use. Also, it is available at a pocket-friendly price.

  1. Can I use aloe vera gel at night?

Absolutely! Including aloe vera gel in your night time skincare routine helps moisturize the skin. It also helps in healing acne. As you are not exposed to any pollution at night, the skin gets to absorb the goodness of the aloe gel to the fullest.

  1. Can I use aloe vera gel as my makeup base?

Yes. It is the most skin friendly makeup base. Aloe vera gel can be easily absorbed by the skin, thus it help in giving an even makeup without harming the skin. You can also use aloe vera gel as a primer if you don’t prefer other products. It will also act as the best natural moisturizer for your skin.

  1. Is aloe vera good for the face?

Definitely! Aloe vera gel is popularly used in skin and hair care. For the face, it helps in reducing pimples and healing acne and blemishes.

  1. How to store aloe vera gel?

If you are using a plant extract, it is recommended to use it immediately. On refrigeration in an air-tight container, it may be stored for up to two weeks. If you are using a product like Herbodaya, you can store it at any place away from direct sunlight.

  1. Can I use aloe vera gel for my toddler?

It can be used, but it is recommended to do a patch test before using, as their skin is highly sensitive compared to an adult’s skin. And it is better to use it after consulting with their paediatrician.

  1. Can I apply aloe vera gel and rose water?

Yes. Rose water acts as a toner. It would be ideal to use it in your night skin care routine. If you are looking for the best rose water available, check out Herbodaya’s rose water, here.

You can get the best aloe vera gel at your doorstep by ordering our product online from our website, Flipkart or Amazon. Herbodaya’s Aloe Vera gels are shipped across India.

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