Bringa Hair Oil -100ml




        Herbodaya Bringa Oil is an ayurvedic medicine recommended by Ayurvedic Physicians. It contains potential herbs which protect the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and premature greying, giving a rich dark color to your hair.

       Bhringraj: Its miraculous benefits help easy and faster hair growth.

When do you need Herbodaya Bringa Oil?

    • Evident signs of premature greying
    • Hair Loss – Alopecia, itchy scalp
    • Scalp inflammation
    • Dandruff
    • Dryness of the hair and broken ends.

How does Herbodaya Bringa Oil help you?

    • Safe and natural treatment
    • An excellent hair tonic
    • Promotes hair growth & regrowth
    • Helps in hair rejuvenation
    • Natural hair darkening
    • Reduce dryness
    • Conditions hair & scalp
    • Strengthens roots
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antiviral and antibacterial properties

How to use

Bringa oil works best when applied onto the scalp directly. Herbodaya’s innovative ways make it easier ensuring effective hair growth.

Step 1: Screw the cap with comb onto the can.

Step 2: Squeeze the can applying oil, just the way you comb through

Step 3: Help it to penetrate the scalp with a gentle massage

Step 4: For best results leave it overnight or an hour before bath

How Effective

Why it is so effective?

Unlike other oils, it acts toward the roots of the hair follicles, hair root, scalp and to the length of hair. It is prepared from the purely herbals which are processed as per traditional literature method with advanced technology. Hence it is more effective than the other hair oils and helps in the hairfall problem.



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