10 Tips to Keep your Hair Healthy

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Ever wondered how to attain that same luscious locks of hair you often see in advertisements? Tired of your hair getting frizzy? Frustrated by the frequent amount of knots and hair fall? Here are our 10 tips to keep your hair healthy.

It’s time you paid close attention to what you could possibly be doing wrong and make a few tweaks in your routine. Given below are a few life-saving tips to note down for you to keep your hair healthy and attain that blinding shine in the commercials.


Wet hair is very fragile and breaks easily. When your hair is wet, the shaft and roots of your hair are more prone to sustaining damage. So don’t be too harsh when shampooing, breakage begins there. Try to avoid brushing immediately after a shower.

If it’s necessary that you brush, use wide-toothed combs or brushes made specifically to detangle wet hair without stressing it way too much.


Stress causes a chemical reaction in your body that negatively impacts your health. These changes are reflected in your outward appearance, including your hair, which can become thinner or fall out as a result of stress.


If you hop out of the shower and smother your hair with a towel, you could be giving yourself a bad hair day. Rubbing your hair creates friction to the cuticle, causing frizz, dryness, and weakness, which can potentially break the hair. Instead, gently pat it with your towel or just let it air dry. It may take a little longer to dry, but it’ll also look all mirror-like.


Most of us love to use the styling tools to give our hair the desired effect it lacks. Most of the tools now in the market involve a lot of heat. Avoid using these tools as much as possible because it’s a no brainer that they cause severe damage to your hair. The heat further strips the moisture content from your hair making it dry and frizzy. When
overused, it can also burn your hair. Use iron/curl or straighteners only if necessary and remember to always use a hair protectant before.


Avoid using super tight hair ties, instead, opt for scrunchies with cloth around them. Tight hair ties tend to pull your hair back real tight which increases friction. This can cause breakage. Also on tightly pulling back your hair, it can cause more damages like receding hairline due to the amount of pressure and so on.


Sleeping on satin pillow covers are known to reduce hair breakage due to the reduction of friction along with many other benefits. Cotton and other materials are quite rough in texture. Due to which they also cause more friction against your hair. Switch between your normal pillow covers for satin or silk covers and experience the difference yourself.


Health on the inside reflects on your hair too. The healthier you are, the better your hair looks. If you want to have really good and healthy hair then eating right is a must. Certain nutrients like vitamins, iron, and proteins are essential for your hair growth and health. If you are unable to obtain enough from your diet, then you need to consider supplements (only on consulting your doctor off course). A good diet for hair will also boost your confidence to stay healthy and smart. Click here to see which food is the best for healthy hair.


Oil your hair as frequently as you can and use a gentle shampoo to get rid of the oil. Oiling the scalp frequently is beneficial for your hair but do not overdo it. Dripping oil from your hair will only need you to use more shampoo which strips out more of your natural oils no matter how mild it is.

Herbodaya Bringa Oil is an ayurvedic medicine recommended by Ayurvedic Physicians. It contains potential herbs which protect the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and premature greying, giving a rich dark color to your hair.


As absurd as it sounds, trimming your hair now and then does, in fact, give you so much benefits. Trim your hair every few weeks to get rid of those brown and rough split ends. Cut about 1/4th an inch of your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid the split ends to grow out again. This not only creates an illusion of healthier ends but also makes your hair less prone to breakage now that you’ve gotten rid of the vulnerable ends.


Unlike hot water washing, cold water rinsing doesn’t dry your hair, making it prone to damage. Now the first concern would be, wouldn’t it make you sick, or wouldn’t you catch a cold really fast? It wouldn’t as long as you’re not leaving your hair wet for a long time. Hands down, cold water washing or cool final rinsing is better for hair than hot water. As it doesn’t open up the cuticle layer, it further minimizes oily scalp and hair problems like being easily pulled out during grooming or styling.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this blog, what have you realized you’ve been doing wrong all this while? Will you be adopting these tips into your routines? And which of these tips surprised you the most?

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